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Take a look below to see what services we can offer, some are available now, and others will be available soon, get in touch for more information about how we can help you.

Ultrasound Scans

Ultrasound scans are best performed at day 35 of pregnancy, and is used to confirm if the bitch is pregnant.

At Danibulls K9 Fertility, we will happily allow you to take photos and videos of the scan, so long as your dog is comfortable at all times and not distressed.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of ultrasound scanning, we are unable to confirm the exact number of puppies.

Prices start at £40 for service at our specialised K9 fertility clinic, however extra charges will apply if you require our remote services.


It is now a legal requirement for all dogs to be micro-chipped. Puppies should be chipped and registered before leaving the breeder. 

It is the breeders responsibility to ensure each puppy is micro-chipped before going to the new owner. The breeder will also be expected to to update the registry of the new owners details. 

The owner is then legally responsible for keeping all information up to date.

Ensure you are fully compliant with our K9 microchipping service. 

Priced at £7.50 per animal

Progesterone Testing

Progesterone Testing is a blood test that will tell us the hormone levels of the dog and indicate if she is ovulating yet.

Many breeders may have a stud dog lined up that could be many miles away, so they will want to be sure their girl is ready to mate to avoid a wasted journey.

The test may indicate that she is ready now, or we may need to do a re-test in a day or two.

This services is priced at £40 per test (not including vet charges to draw sample)

These tests are ran on a regularly serviced and calibrated AiA360 progesterone analyser.

Reverse Progesterone Testing

We also offer reverse progesterone testing at our K9 fertility clinic. 

With a female pregnancy lasting 63 days, we are able to indicate a likely time for which the female will give birth. 

This is because many bull breeds require cesarean section, so breeders like to know when to take their dog to their vets.

This services is priced at £40 per test.

These tests are ran on a regularly serviced and calibrated AiA360 progesterone analyser.

If your chosen stud dog is quite a distance away then we can receive his chilled semen, wake it up and inseminate into your female. It is advised that your female is known to be ovulating by either method of Cytology or Progesterone Testing. Cost is per session – 2 inseminations = 2 x £50

This service is priced at £50.

Assisted Mating

If you are wanting to try a natural mating on neutral ground then we can help. It is advised that the female is known to have ovulated by method of Cytology or Progesterone Testing. If required we can step in and carry out Artificial Insemination, for example if there is a slip mate or the female isn’t standing. Price is per 1 hour session and more may be charged if time goes over. It is to be decided between the Stud & Bitch owners who is paying the fee prior to the appointment.

This service is priced at £45

Get in touch today to find out more about our Cytology service.

This service is priced at £30 (or free alongside Progesterone Testing)

Chilled Semen Service

Our chilled semen service contains three separate chilled semen services, these include:

Chilled Semen Prep and Take Away – £100
Chilled Semen Prep and Shipping – £150 (UK)
Chilled Semen Wake and Inseminate – £50

Semen Check – £30

Semen Check & Count – £50

Semen Shipping (UK only)

from £160

Semen Shipping (UK only)

from £160

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